One year gone.

23rd July. One year to the day, I gave you my love and you were taken away. I've mourned you, I've struggled, I've given it my all... But from my womb you had to fall. The empty space you left, Felt suffocating and broken, Mother nature had spoken. Your tiny heart stopped beating, I held … Continue reading One year gone.

In red tinged water, we became two.

I cannot believe I'm here at this point in time where I have a second birth story. And, somehow, it's even more empowering and glorious than the first. I honestly feel so lucky to have experienced two smooth births. I know it's not like that for so many people. For this second one, I truly … Continue reading In red tinged water, we became two.

The home stretch…

So here we are. 40 weeks. What a long journey it's been. From loss to full term. I've been pregnant for a total of 11 months, with a gap of two months between the two... That's 13 months of waiting for our baby. I know that's nothing in comparison to some journeys to parenthood and … Continue reading The home stretch…

I’m not two and a half anymore!

Well, my little Squidge. It feels like only yesterday that I was writing to you to wish you a happy second birthday. This year has definitely been the year of the words! (Which is ironic considering the struggle I've had writing this) A week before you turned two I have a video of you pushing … Continue reading I’m not two and a half anymore!

What does motherhood look like?

When did you first become a mother? When you concieved? When you gave birth? What about for adoption, was it when you held your baby? Or was it something else? I saw this question around somewhere and it got me thinking. Before I had any babies in my arms, I used to say it was … Continue reading What does motherhood look like?

Two things I hope you have in common with your sister.

When you jump into parenthood for the first time, you have absolutely no idea what's going to come out of it. By it I don't mean vagina... because that's obvious isn't it? It's going to be a baby. Despite the questions of "Do you know what you're having?" forcing you to question whether it is in fact … Continue reading Two things I hope you have in common with your sister.

Pantry Staples (the vegan edition)

When you think of cupboard staples, what springs to mind? Flour, eggs, milk, cheese, bread? Now, the things that are always in my pantry are totally different. In fact, I actually struggled to imagine what the average (non-vegan) stocks in their cupboard as standard for my Veganuary post yesterday. Had to stop and remember that … Continue reading Pantry Staples (the vegan edition)

Veganuary Starter Guide

I know this is late to prepare... but how about it? A bit about last year... Two places to start... The Official Veganuary SiteĀ - debunking vegan myths, recipes and even a meal planner. The Veganuary Facebook PageĀ - lots of motivation and support from others. If you decide to give it a go starting tomorrow, you … Continue reading Veganuary Starter Guide